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After many months of preparations, the new Village Shop opened on Friday 12th December 2008 and a busy first day saw a steady flow of interested visitors who came along to see the shop and what is available to buy.

Everyone was visibly and pleasantly surprised by the size of the shop floor and the light and airy display. Shelves were well stocked and whilst a few things still have to be sourced, there is a wide range of everyday necessities including fruit and vegetables, newspapers, milk and dairy products, pet foods and household items.

We also can serve Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate.

The Shop Manager, Martin Delacamp, and the very willing team of volunteers will be pleased to help you find things (it’s good practice for them) and will make a note of anything not currently stocked so it can be obtained for the future.

The shop is open every day: -

Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 5.30 pm

Saturday and Sunday 9.30 am – 12.30 pm

You can telephone the shop on 01473 328133 during opening hours and there is an answering machine should we not be able to answer or for after-hours.

Come and say hello and have a look around.

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July 2008 Update

The shop building is now in place next to the Community Hall and refurbishment and fitting out will soon be underway. This will take a while, a process not helped by the imminent holiday period, but if everything goes to plan, we hope to open in mid-October.

I have been appointed as manager of Stutton Community Shop and I am looking forward enormously to the challenge of getting the shop up and running. The shop committee have determined that the shop will reflect the needs and wishes of Stutton residents so the volunteer staff and I will be keen to hear your requests so we can adjust to meet your needs. Click here for a list of items to be stocked by the shop. The plan is to stock a wide range of food, household and convenience items as well as local produce, newspapers and magazines and to develop other ancillary services.

A team of volunteer helpers is needed to serve our customers and we are currently
re-contacting those who have already expressed an interest in helping.

Do you occasionally have a couple of hours to spare? Have you thought about volunteering to help out in the shop? It will be a great way to meet people, renew friendships, make new ones and help make our shop a friendly centre for everyone. Click here for more information about volunteering.

The work will be enjoyable and won’t be difficult, training will be given and we anticipate the volunteers working in 2-hour shifts and organised to work in pairs. No regular commitment regarding days or times is required, just a willingness to help us when you can, for the shift(s) that suit you best. Even once a month would help us.

If you are interested, please contact me on 327024. Also, if you know anyone else who might be interested, please put them in touch with me.

Martin Delacamp - Shop Manager


On Saturday 13th September 2007 a late summer Fiesta was held at the village hall in aid of the Stutton Community Shop. Many people attended what was a most enjoyable occasion with plenty of amusements and entertainments and some lovely autumn weather. There was also much interest and enthusiasm shown in the display of details about the plans for the shop.
To date over £10,000 has been raised or pledged and it is intended that the shop will open next year. This site will be updated with full contact details and further information within the next four weeks.

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People enjoying themselves at the Fiesta event held on 15th September in aid of the community shop project.

In July 2007 Stutton¹s community shop project was registered as a Community Interest Company ­ a CIC.

This formal structure allows us to trade with the public (unlike a charity) and ensures that any profits are ploughed back into the shop or into community groups and activities.

The voluntary shop committee comprises Jill Seggar, Sue Hewlett, Cavan Browne, Ray Fishwick, chairman, and Richard Lawson, treasurer. Jan Brown, Ken Wilson and Paul Simmons have agreed to act as advisers.

We are working to implement the recommendations of the previous steering group, which had spent many months in examining a number of alternative sites in the village. The agreed plan is to install a portacabin on the grass area next to the community hall, with the full cooperation of the Parish Council and the Community Hall Committee.

Why a portacabin? It is the easiest and quickest way to get a shop up and running. It is a well-tried and secure formula, which has been successfully employed in other villages.

Why this location? The Community Hall area provides the ideal social centre for the village, with its safe parking, varied activities and the playing field close by. No other site in the village was able to provide these facilities.

When and how much? We are aiming to open during the first half of next year. It will cost about £36,000 to purchase, install, equip and stock ready for opening.

How much has been raised so far? Over £10,500

Who will manage the shop? The shop will be run by a paid full-time manager and it will need 40 part-time volunteer helpers. There has been a good response so far but we still need more. The more volunteers, the more hours we can open. We also need an experienced manager, salary to be agreed. If you are interested, please let us know. You can contact Ray Fishwick on 01473 327588, e-mail or contact any member of the committee.

What will the shop sell? As well as staple goods, we want the shop to offer locally and home-grown produce, stationery items and newspapers. It will be able to publicise local events and business and be a social focus for the village. We think it unlikely in the current climate that a post office service can be included, but the shop will be able to sell stamps. If you have further ideas on what you would like the shop to provide, please let us know.

What is the long-term plan? The further stage is a purpose-built shop on the Community Hall site, but this will take longer. It is included in the subjects being discussed for the Village Plan.

Stay tuned! We¹ll keep you informed as soon as we have more to report on progress and funding achieved.



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